Safe Haven for Predator Priests

South America is one place that homosexual predator priests go to flee canonical and legal sanctions for their crimes. GlobalPost tracked five of these priests in South America. GlobalPost’s senior correspondent Will Carless asked one of these priests, Fr. Paul Madden, if he had in fact sexually abused a boy who had credibly accused the … [Read more…]

WEST COAST PRO-LIFE Pro-Life Education and Resources

Mt. Angel Abbey is once again the focus of Catholics in Oregon and beyond who are scandalized over yet another alleged child molestation by a priest. Woodburn priest Fr. Angel Armando Perez is in prison without bail. He attended the seminary prior to the so-called strict screening process. I suspect tighter screening will be helpful … [Read more…]

The Elite: Where Gay Rights Trumps Stopping Child Abuse

The elite are quickly dismissing written testimony from an archbishop because they think it’s all about hating the gays. A former Vatican Ambassador to the United States asserts that Pope Francis allowed a serial pederast to continue as a cardinal of the church, even undoing sanctions imposed by Pope Benedict on that cardinal. A newspaper … [Read more…]