The Elite: Where Gay Rights Trumps Stopping Child Abuse

The elite are quickly dismissing written testimony from an archbishop because they think it’s all about hating the gays.

A former Vatican Ambassador to the United States asserts that Pope Francis allowed a serial pederast to continue as a cardinal of the church, even undoing sanctions imposed by Pope Benedict on that cardinal. A newspaper has independent confirmation that Pope Benedict had, in fact, imposed those sanctions.

And how does the New York Times cover these shocking allegations? This tweet from a New York Times reporter sums up their coverage:
Got that?

This is just a conservative blaming the gays, so pay no attention to him.

Once the elite have decided the child abuse scandal might undermine the advancement of homosexuals in the clergy, there was no doubt where they’d come down. Stopping child abuse is far less important than advancing gay clerics up the ladder. It is not just the New York Times to be dismissive of this story framing it as conservatives versus gay priests. It is the elite in general and they have been doing so going back to the early 2000’s.

They will keep on doing so, but the evidence is mounting that there is a protection racket in the Vatican protecting predators.

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