Monsignor Edward Kavanagh

Monsignor Edward Kavanagh, a defender for life, passed away on St. Patrick’s Day in 2018. We want to pray the repose of his soul. Amen.
He was especially passionate when it came to his opposition of abortion. He was a Sacramento, California local leader in the pro-life movement and in 2003 made headlines after kicking then so-called Catholic Gov. Gray Davis off St. Rose Catholic Church’s steps for refusing to renounce his pro-choice stance.
Davis was planning a press event at the church to give Christmas gifts to the children living at St. Patrick’s Orphanage, on the parish grounds. Catholicism teacher, Mary Alcala, remembers Kavanagh confronting Davis near the church office.
”He said, ‘Get out of here,’ because of (Gray’s) stance on abortion,” she said. ”He was not timid. … He stuck to his values.”
Sacramento Bishop William K Weigand issued a warming to California Governor Gray Davis to renounce his support of abortion or else refrain from receiving communion. The bishop spoke of persons who hold pro-abortion view as being barred from communion.
Here is more information regarding appropriate responses to those who hold a pro-abortion view and how our priests and bishops respond. As always, pray for our priests and bishops.

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