More Than 170 People Sued Oregon Diocese? Where Are These Priests and Others Today?

Oregon dioceses More than 170 people have sued the Catholic Church in Oregon, claiming they were sexually abused by priests and other religious and lay officials. The suits sought more than $600 million. About 100 have been settled for undisclosed sums, 1999-2003.

Gonzalez Rios affair Seminary student Juan Joseat Gonzalez Rio at Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon until he was dismissed in 2003. Warrant was issued in 2005 for his arrest on felony charges of encouraging child sex abuse (child pornography). When he was arrested in March 2008, he was working at St. Peter Retreat Center in Yakima Alaska Diocese. Yakima bishop knew of earlier allegation; thought it was an isolated incident and duties did not involve children. Gonzalea claims he was abused by a priest before entering seminary. Criminal charges dropped 5/09

Guzman-Chavez affair Rev. Erasto Guzman-Chavez, a visiting priest from Mexico, began working in Portland in 1993. He was accused in May 1997 of molesting several teenage girls. Even after the allegations were known, the Archdiocese wrote to the Immigration service asking that he be granted permanent residence status. He was restricted from contact with women but was allowed to continue his Spanish-language ministry. Current status unknown.

Hoang affair Rev. Joseph V. Hoang, ordained in 1999, fled from Viet Nam when he was 7, was placed on leave March 2007 from Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tillamook after archdiocese received a report by member of his family that he had been involved in child sexual abuse. Police investigated. Civil suit filed & settled but no criminal charges because evidence conflicted with girl’s claims. Church investigation could not find any crime under canon law and review board recommented reinstatment. Archbishop reinstated him to Tillamook December 2011.

Jacobson affair Rev. Gary Jacobson, ordained in 1965.

Several complaints of abuse by Jacobson were made to Archbishop or the Archdiocese in 1980s and 1990s. He has been accused of molesting three victims: in 1965, the late 1970s, and 1987.
Woman filed suit in 2002 in Arizona alleging abuse in Oregon. He was still working in 2002 and had recently been cautioned about behavior with children.
Jacques affair Rev. Kenneth Jacques (d. 1992) (Robert Lawrence Jacques), ordained in 1967.

Civil suit filed April 2002 alleges abuse of 16 year-old boy by Jacques in 1968. Immediately placed on leave.
Another suit filed May 2002 alleges that Jacques abused a 2nd boy the same year. Jacques was principal at a Mount Angel Abbey prep school at the time of the molestatiions.
Three other men filed suit November 2002 alleging abuse in late 1970s.

Jaime affair Rev. Jose Jaime, Benedictine, named as abuser of one individual in a suit filed in Federal Court. Abuse allegedly occurred when Jaime was a seminarian at Mount Angel Abbey. He is referred to as a former Benedictine priest so he apparently left priesthood.

Krumm affair Rev. Gustave R. Krumm (Gus), Franciscan ordained 1982. Admitted indiscretions in 1970s-1980s. To Portland Oregon 1998. Laicized February 2006. Personnel file finally released May 2012.

Accused as seminarian in 1981 of sexual abuse of boy in 1980 at minor seminary in LA. Order said not credible.
Worked in Reno, LA and Orange. Same accusation deemed credible in 1993; not by Order. 1995 Settlement.
Accused 2002 of more 1980 abuse.
To Sacramento; removed 2003.
Settlement March 2006.
New suit June 2009. Diocese settled with 2 brothers August 2011. Jury found for Order October 2011.

Laughlin case Rev. Thomas B. Laughlin (deceased), was ordained in 1948 at the age of 23. Accused of sexually abusing between 20-40 boys from 1967-1996. Even abused on way to therapy in New Mexico, was laicized after 1988. Numerous civil suits filed; several settled.

Ratzinger report Archbishop Levada of Portland, Oregon, wrote to Cardinal Ratzinger, then head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, about the case of the Rev. Thomas Laughlin, 8 July 1988. “he began homosexual contacts with boys shortly after his ordination (about age 25), and admitted to such misconduct both during his first priestly assignment as a teacher at Central Catholic High School, and as a pastor of St. Mary Parish in Corvallis. These contacts continued and apparently increased in frequency and number during his tenure as pastor of All Saints Parish until the time criminal charges of sexual abuse of minors were brought against him in 1983.”
Laughlin trial Laughlin was convicted of abuse in 1983 and sentenced to 1 year in jail when he finally became inactive as priest.
Archdiocese was sued in 2002. Settled. Sued again by 10 men who say he molested them when they were children, 22 September 2004. “We know that Thomas Laughlin sexually abused dozens, if not hundreds, of children here in Portland.”
Anon boy accusation Rev. Thomas Laughlin was accused of providing a boy with alcohol and sexually abusing him as many as 100 times at Central Catholic High School, where Laughlin was the boy’s teacher, and at Marylhurst College, where the boy was Laughlin’s altar boy.
10 men sued Laughlin, individually, in 2004.
Suit filed August 2007 by one man alleging abuse beginning in 1960.
McDowell affair Rev. Archibald M. McDowell (d. 1994), Holy Cross ordained 1933, taught at University of Portland 1949-1959.

Accused of molesting an 11 year-old boy in 1956.
In 1958 the Provencial of the order wrote to McDowell noting two canonical warnings already on his record, one of which was for fondling two high school boys.
Sued prior to July, 2002 by boy he molested in 1956. Archdiocese paid $10,000 in 2003 to settle one claim. He also taught in Austin, Texas.
Minh affair Rev. Vincent Minh, Redemptorist ordained 1968. Minh came from Viet Nam to Portland in 1972 to pursue a master’s degree. He soon began helping the Archdiocese with the Asian community and became very well known. Order sent him for treatment and later to a center in Illinois. His priestly functions have been permanently removed.

In March, 2001 allegations were made that Minh had raped a woman in 1983
Minh molested two young girls in 1980s.

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